What’s Pilates?

Pilates is an effective method of strength training that focuses on attaining core stability while providing a full-body workout. The Pilates Method comprises more than 500 exercises, performed as a mat-based workout or using special equipment (reformer, tower, barrel, chair, and cadillac)  The central concept of Pilates training is strengthening the so-called “Powerhouse” (or core) of the body—the deep abdominal muscles, buttock muscles and the muscles around the spine. Emphasis is placed on breath, alignment, control and form. 


What are the benefits of Pilates?

+ Longer, leaner muscles (less bulk, more freedom of movement)
+ Improves postural problems
+ Increases core strength/stability and peripheral mobility
+ Helps prevent injury
+ Enhances functional fitness, ease of movement
+ Balances strength and flexibility
+ Heightens body awareness
+ No impact (easy on the joints)
+ Customized for everyone from rehab patients to elite athletes
+ Complements other methods of exercise
+ Improves performance in sports (golf, skiing, tennis, dance, etc.)
+ Improves balance, coordination and circulation