Jodie M. Gordon, LCSW-C

Pilates Instructor
Wellness Coach
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Owner, Embody Pilates & Wellness

Jodie M. Gordon is Baltimore’s leading wellness expert specializing in the balance of mind and body to achieve overall wellbeing. Her newest practice, Embody Pilates & Wellness, is the result of years of experience in the field. After earning her Masters Degree in Social Work at the University of Maryland, Jodie extended her specialty to include personal training and Pilates instruction.

“I believe that traditional talk therapy doesn’t always work with anxiety, trauma and depression,” says Jodie. “In my experience, I’ve found that by identifying areas where perception is distorted and educating clients on how the brain functions as well as teaching the use of mind/body techniques, my patients are able to get out of patterns where they were once stuck and stagnant.”

Jodie credits her deep appreciation and understanding of the mind/body connection to her work at the Kennedy Krieger Institute, where she helped children with significant medical, developmental and emotional challenges. “It helped me truly understand the importance of movement—and learn to view individuals based on their strengths instead of their limitations,” she explains. “My years of clinical experience influenced my philosophy and mission to help others achieve their physical, mental and spiritual goals.”

In her practice, Jodie helps adolescents, young adults and families successfully maneuver through today’s stressful social and relational pressures by taking a solution-focused approach—looking at coping skills and providing clients with a toolbox of skills to promote independence and the ability to self-sooth. The result? Patients are able to feel better without looking outside of themselves. “By caring for ourselves both inside and out, we improve our confidence and ability to manage stress,” explains Jodie.

Scheduling an appointment

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