Full Apparatus Group Class:

Pilates Group class using the Reformer, Tower, Chair, small props, Cardio-Tramp and jump board.  Beginners, intermediate and advanced accepted (Group prices apply)

Cardio-Tramp Reformer Class:

Athletic conditioning class that focuses on building strength, power, agility and designed to raise the level of your performance.  The Cardio-Tramp and the jump board will be used on the reformer for the cardio interval training mixed in with Strength and Core training.  This is an intermediate to advanced class (Group prices apply)


Mashup Class:

Mashup is a unique blend incorporating the fundamentals of Barre, Pilates & Yoga

Barre Class:

Barre incorporates both dynamic and isometric movements pulling from the principals of Pilates, the wisdom of Yoga, intense power of dance and the body sculpting benefits of traditional interval strength training

Tabata Class:

This high-intensity interval training is fun and burns calories fast. Consisting of four minutes of 20 second intervals of hard training following by 10 seconds of rest repeated 8 times, this technique is a cardio blast

Mat Class:

Pilates Mat is done on the floor using a Yoga mat, which focuses on breathing, body weight resisted movement, core strength building, posture and flexibility